January 26, 2013

GET TO KNOW: Michelle Sanjaya

Please tell us a bit about yourself. 
I’m a girl that loves fashion and making youtube videos, I love vintage stuffs, novels, union jack, shoes and SHOPPING! ;)

How did you first become interested in fashion and why is it important? 
I’m interested in fashion when I was 12 I love to see some celebrities I like and its important because your style defines who you are c;

Describe your personal style and its inspirations 
Girly, a little boyish, comfortable, my style were fully inspired by my aunt & grandma, fashion bloggers and magazines. 

What are your biggest passions?  
fashion & traveling 

What are your favorite designers and places to shop?  
Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen well I’m not paying attention to designers mostly, places to shop: new look, forever21, online stores and my grandma’s & aunty’s closets :p

What can't you live without? 
Laptop, novels, shoes, camera, note & pencil.

The first thing you look at in another person's outfit is? 
Shoes, cool shoes defines that person’s style and I just love shoes so much 

For you, what makes a super awesome street style? 
be brave with their own style and just ignore what people might think about them ^^

What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice? 
Just Be Yourself and don’t be what people want you to be ;)

Your favorite quote?
Never give up on your dreams!

by: Lambertus Daniel


  1. i've just checked her blog and loving her style and personality :)
    so cute <33


  2. aww can't want to see next fashion blogger to interview. just check her blog